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Synclusiv’s Disrupting Bias program is designed to facilitate the transformation of workplace cultures to become more inclusive by exploring the role of individuals, teams, and systems in inclusive work cultures.

Understanding Bias In The Workplace

Understanding why diversity, equity, and inclusion offer the solution that workplaces need in a shifting economic landscape – The diversity dividend. 

What are unconscious biases and microaggressions and how do they affect the workplace? 

How do we become more inclusive? Changing norms, not people.

Becoming An Inclusive Leader

Integrating profile analysis tools, the participant will gain insights into how fears, motivators, values, and workplace behaviour influence inclusiveness in the workplace. 

Leaders will learn more about leading diverse teams and leveraging the team dynamics as well as identifying team derailers and blindspots.

Deconstructing Bias In Systems

The impact of systems on inclusiveness: what needs to change from recruitment, performance management, talent management, compensation, and leadership development perspective to establish and sustain inclusion.

Unpack solutions adapted to each process to mitigate bias.

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